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Community Events

Job Seekers Success Group — Wednesday, November 6, 7–9 pm

Jewish Family Service is offering a Job Seekers Success Group for active job seekers who are unemployed, underemployed or seeking a career change.

The topic for this session is “Defeating Unconscious Bias: 5 Strategies”, presented by Jan Goodman, Training and Development Specialist, Greater Raritan One-Stop Career Training Services.

Let's face it, everybody has some unconscious bias. This is not in the context of talking about a preference for Mexican food or an inclination toward the color blue. The focus here is on those inflexible beliefs about whole categories of people that keep us from seeing others accurately, from making fair and appropriate decisions, and from building the kind of harmonious relationships that make our lives more successful. Clearly, biases are bad news. On the other hand, the good news is that biases do not make us bad people. Human nature is to lump people into categories. Because of this predisposition, we are vulnerable to unconsciously believing the messages that bombard us from family, media, experience, and society as a whole. But we are not stuck with our unconscious biases; we can defeat them.

The “Defeating Unconscious Bias” workshop is designed to address the hidden biases that can affect hiring, team building and challenges the ability to create inclusivity in both professional and personal settings. A 14-minute video accompanies this training offering 5 simple, actionable, and memorable strategies to enhance workplace productivity and innovation by addressing bias. The authenticity and diversity of the scenarios utilized keeps participantsí attention, and the solutions suggested support change without blame.

This group is open to the entire community.

To register or for information about Career Counseling Services, please contact Elise Prezant at 908-725-7799, extension 108 or eprezant@JewishFamilySvc.org.

This group is free of charge, but space is limited, so please make sure to register.

Funding for this program is provided by grants from The Arnold A. Schwartz Foundation, United Way of Hunterdon County, and Magyar Bank

Family Mentor/Senior Home Visitor Program Volunteer Orientation and Training

Family Mentor and Senior Home Visitor program volunteer orientation and training is held several time throughout the year at the Jewish Family Service office in Somerville.  Volunteers, both male and female, are sought throughout the year for matching with families who have requested a mentor, and/or with frail seniors seeking companionship and cognitive stimulation.  

For more info or to volunteer for the Family Mentor program, please call Ruth Edelman, LCSW at 908 725-7799 ext. 109

For more info or to volunteer for the Senior Program, please call Maris Chavenson, LCSW at extension 100.

If you are interested in receiving services as a mentored family, please contact Jerry Starr, LCSW extension 104.

Expanding Horizons Groups

Social Learning Group

Social skills training and peer support for children and adolescents coping with Asperger's Syndrome, High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders or Other Social Skills Disorders. Learn skills for managing social situations and making friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

Fee: $300 for 10 sessions and 4 parent sessions. Scholarships available. Intake interview required prior to admission.

Parent Support Group

Peer Support for parents/caregivers of children with special needs. An opportunity to come together to share experiences and explore the issues most important to participants. Facilitated by a licensed clinical social worker with experience working with families of special needs children.

Fee: $15 per session (scholarships available)

Young Adult Social Club

A Social Group for high school graduates with social needs. The group meets twice monthly for social outings in the community.

Fee: $10 per session Scholarships available. Intake interview required prior to admission.

Sibling Support Group

Peer support and information for brothers and sisters of children with special needs.

For more information or to enroll please contact Jennifer Ellis Walters, LCSW at 908-725-7700 X123 or email JenniferW@JewishFamilySvc.org.

Café Europa

Jewish Family Service of Somerset, Hunterdon and Warren Counties is pleased to announce the next Café Europa. Café Europa is a social group for Holocaust survivors who, from 1933-1945, resided in European countries that were subject to Nazi rule and control.

Through speakers, discussions and entertainment, Café Europa gives its members an opportunity to meet new people with similar backgrounds and provide a setting for people to share stories, experiences, and concerns.

Café Europa promises to be enjoyable and informative for all who participate.

For more information or to register for Café Europa, please contact Jewish Family Service at 908-725-7799.