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Legacy Giving

We all want to leave the world a better place. By giving to the Life & Legacy Program you will be doing a lifetime of good.

A legacy gift for JFS ensures that programs and services helping people today will be here for generations to come.

Anyone can do it.

See program info or contact Jerry Starr at 908-725-7799 x104 or via email

JFS Sponsors & Supporters

Our sponsors and supporters provide critical funding to our programs.

We thank our current sponsors and supporters for their generosity and for helping us make a positive impact in our community.

You can view the list of our sponsors and supporters.

You can become a sponsor or supporter by contacting Jerry Starr at 908-725-7799 x104 or via email.

Other Ways to Help

In addition to direct monetary donations to JFS, you can help in others ways. These include joining our Amazon Smile program, providing goods or services to our Wish List, ordering a custom-designed bimah basket or centerpiece, and donating your vehicle.

Please see this page for more info.

We also have a variety of volunteer opportunities.