Volunteer with JFS

JFS has a variety of opportunities for male and female volunteers of all ages throughout Somerset County.

Our programs allow for flexibility in the amount of time given each week or month and location where services are delivered. We offer flexible hours—daytime, evening, and weekend assignments and match volunteers with older, frail individuals as well as families facing a variety of challenges that can benefit from a supportive volunteer.

College students and teens are also welcome.

Virtual opportunities are available during the pandemic.

Orientation and training sessions are offered at various times throughout the year, including online. Ongoing supervision is provided by JFS program social workers who match volunteer interests, experience and availability to client need.

For more information and to apply, please click the links below…

Family Mentor

Good Deeds Corp

Senior Friendly Visitor

Senior Shopper

Other Ways to Help

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  Amazon Smile Program

  JFS Wish List

  Bimah Baskets & Centerpieces

  Bimah Basket Pick-up & Drop-off

  Donate Your Vehicle

  Administrative Support Help

  Job Seekers Success Group Presenters

  Cafe Europa Presenters