Senior Friendly Visitor Position Description

General Statement of Requirements

Volunteers who have completed an interview process, had federally required background checks, signed all required documents, and participated in training provided by JFS are eligible to be Senior Mentors/Friendly Visitors. Senior Mentors are matched with homebound, vulnerable seniors who have had an assessment by a professional staff member of JFS. The Mentor provides weekly visits to offer companionship, mental stimulation, support, information, access to resources, and promotion of quality of life. Professional staff members of the agency provide assessment, matching, supervision through both individual and monthly group supervisory sessions. Volunteers commit to 12 months of service to the senior (1-2 hours per week). Respite/vacation needs of the volunteer are understandable and should be shared with the JFS Program Coordinator. Alternate visitation arrangements can be made with discussion and agreement by the senior, the mentor, and the Program Coordinator.


  • Complete all required paperwork at time of enrollment
  • Provide weekly (or as otherwise arranged) contact with senior. Visits may last between 30- 60 minutes and are arranged at a mutually convenient time between the Mentor and Senior.
  • Submit monthly the number of hours volunteered including all contacts with senior and related activities, such as travel, dining, telephone contact, activities related to work with the senior.
  • Promptly report any personal life changes affecting volunteer’s ability to honor this commitment
  • Promptly report any functional status changes of the senior to JFS program staff
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Other duties as assigned and mutually agreed to

Training, Supervision, and Evaluation

  • Attend JFS of SHW orientation and training sessions
  • Participate in group and individual supervisory sessions with Program Coordinator and peers
  • Complete volunteer satisfaction surveys as requested


  • Possess good interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Bring educational or relevant life experience
  • Be open to learning, improving, and growing through relationships
  • Must have a valid driver’s license, be able to drive or have transportation to senior’s residence unless services are provided by phone/video conference only

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