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Other Volunteer Opportunities


Other Opportunities

Ohr Tikvah, Light of Hope Program is seeking volunteers to help with the following one time only or one time per month activities:

  • Assist with once monthly Shabbat services, usually on Friday early afternoon at Assisted Living facilities in Somerset and Hunterdon Counties
  • Youth who would like to participate in leading Shabbat Services are always welcome, as well as adult volunteers of any age

We also need volunteers to help with…:

  • Picking up and dropping off Bimah Baskets in the Somerset, Hunterdon, and Warren county areas. Mileage reimbursement available.
  • Being a Cooking Companion, providing fresh, healthy meals for homebound, frail and isolated older adults
  • Volunteering with the JFS Healthy Harvest Team at a Hunterdon County farm
  • Donating fresh produce from home grown gardens
  • Taking pictures at agency events and programs
  • Assisting in event planning
  • Presenting to the Job Seekers Success Group
  • Presenting to Café Europa and/or Yearn2Learn groups

If you would like to discuss these or other volunteer opportunities, please contact JFS at 908.725.7799.