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Client Testimonials

Counseling Program Client Comments

fancy-quotesMy therapist was an enormous help to me in helping to sort out many difficulties and develop coping mechanisms. Because of her I am enjoying my life more!

fancy-quotesMy counselor possesses a great deal of wisdom. He is a great asset to JFS.

fancy-quotesOur JFS social worker was wonderful. She was patient and caring and worked hard at understanding our issues and concerns. I thank JFS for its service.

fancy-quotesThe social worker was very helpful to my son. He was comfortable with her immediately and uses coping skills he has been taught.

fancy-quotesThe JFS therapist was an enormous help to me in helping to sort out many difficulties and develop coping mechanisms. Because of her I am enjoying life again.

Social Learning Group Parent Comments

fancy-quotesThis group has been a wonderful experience for my son and myself. This group is a good start for the boys to make friendships and I hope that the boys can continue on together so that the momentum can continue. Thank you for everything.

fancy-quotesYour group helped my son to realize he has issues in communicating with other mainstream kids; and to build up and believe that he can overcome his barriers if he keeps trying.

fancy-quotesMeeting the other parents was very helpful to us. We got a lot of good ideas and information plus everyone had a chance to share stories and vent frustrations.

fancy-quotesI like the way the group leaders helped the children to be independent in their thinking and doing things.

Family Mentor Volunteer Comments

fancy-quotesI have gotten more than I have given.

fancy-quotesThe match has gone very well. This is just what I wanted to do.

fancy-quotesI plan to continue to visit with my family. They have become part of my life.

fancy-quotesThe matching is amazing. I can't believe I am matched with someone so perfect for me.

Family Mentor Client Satisfaction Survey Comments

fancy-quotesShe (the mentor) is too good to be true. No one has ever cared about me like this before.

fancy-quotesWe have had so many good times together. I don't know what I would have done without him.

fancy-quotesMy volunteer is such a strong person and has such good insight. She is a big help.

fancy-quotesI was afraid about raising my own children. (The Mentor) helped me see what I could do. We went to the park together, had picnics together. My daughter loves her and looks forward to her visits as much as I do.

fancy-quotesIt has been 3 years since I worked with (the mentor) and I am so happy she gave me the push to get the job I have. I am up for a promotion and I know she has moved away and I just want to tell her thank you.